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How do we charge exfolimate iSonic?

How do we charge exfolimate iSonic?

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How to use exfolimate iSonic? 

Instructions. 3 simple steps to skin success


When the skin is moist and supple with warm water at the basin or after your shower, apply the NUDERM preparatory moisturizing oil mist to nourish and loosen the skin area to be exfoliated.


Remove the exfolimate iSonic from the charger dock and touch on. Then gently apply it on to the skin at a 90-degree angle with a mild comfortable pressure. Once in place simply glide it slowly with fingertip control across the skin, allowing the passive ultrasonic vibrations to remove makeup, oil, dirt and dead skin cells, for a smooth refreshing result instantly. 


“a new feeling of clean”



Once completed, pat dry the skin with a clean towel. Then apply the NUDERM intense skin rejuvenation Day & Night cream designed to nourish and rejuvenate the skin for a remarkable result.

Exfoliation is the process of removing the dry, dead cells of skin that harbour on the surface. 

This lingering debris creates common skin problems like clogged pores, breakouts and blackheads, so it’s important to regularly exfoliate your skin.

Here are are some of the amazing benefits of using your exfolimate iSonic:

  • Natural skin-rejuvenating exfoliation in the palm of your hand                                                 

  • Non-abrasive and won’t cut or scratch your skin                                                                         

  • Ultra precise to target small crevices in the face and large sections of the body

  • Instant results every time – you actually see what is removed from your skin under the skin smoothing edge                                                         

  • Use pre-shave for a smoother shave and to lift ingrown hairs                                                                 

  • Perfect pre-tan preparation for better spray tan results                                                                        

  • At-home pedicure for touchable feet                                      

  • Younger skin – naturally. Increase circulation to the capillaries for younger looking skin                      

  • Cleaner base for better cosmetics application          

  • Easily remove lingering sun crème and oils right in the shower

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