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The importance of exfoliation in anti-ageing skin care.

When we think of ageing skin we think of wrinkles, age spots, sagging skins and those pesky fine lines. What we often fail to consider is the effects of ageing actually go much further than this, with older skin taking longer to regenerate than younger skin. The buildup of old skin particles can accelerate the process of ageing and make the skin look dull, and wrinkles even more pronounced. Fortunately, there are steps that we can take to make sure our skin stays younger for longer and exfoliating is at the heart of this.

By removing dead skin particles from the surface of the skin, exfoliating reveals a newer layer of skin that looks fresher and smoother. Not only does it take away dead skin, but it also allows products to penetrate deeper, further enhancing the anti ageing qualities of these products. This might sound like quite a labour intensive thing to add to your beauty regime, but it takes only a small amount of time and has benefits that are far reaching in the fight against ageing skin.

Removing dead skin is a simple process which should be done safely by using natural skin care products. Exfoliating pads, creams, gels and washes are all very popular and an effective way of adding exfoliation to your daily routine. By adding exfoliation to your routine, you are also cleaning your skin, reducing the risk of breakouts, which helps fight the anti-ageing process.

While adding exfoliation as part of your anti-ageing routine, you need to be careful. Although exfoliating removes dead cells and general grime from your skin, it also takes away some of the natural oils when you do it too often. For some people daily exfoliation is an absolute must, but for others this is too rough on their skin, especially those with sensitive skin, which will leave it feeling dry and rough. If this is the case, then do it less often until you find the perfect balance. Due to the immediate impact you can clearly see and feel from exfoliating, it can be very tempting to do it on a daily basis, however if this is too much, then you’ll still have amazing effects from doing it every other day (or even two/three times a week).

When you are thinking about getting on the anti-ageing bus, there’s one thing you need to remember, and that is that exfoliating is key. Whether you’re male or female, the benefits of starting to exfoliate now are immense and long lasting. Even if you don’t plan on using any other anti-ageing products, then you can battle the signs of ageing with exfoliating alone, it is amazing how much of an impact a deep clean can have on the brightness and smoothness of your skin.

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